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"Books in Bytes provides electronic publishing services and viable electronic distribution solutions for content creators and owners."


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We are one of the first companies in digital publishing to recognize that both publishers and librarians are committed to expanding and enhancing the world's base of knowledge. Both understand the importance of ensuring access to quality published content. Both are undergoing change as the Internet continues to impact the way the world accesses and uses content.

Our processes are designed to create new opportunities for both publishers and libraries. Our eSolution model is designed to ensure that the reliability of published information is maintained. Our system is focused on easily accessing full-text electronic books, organized to generate the kind of results often expected from Internet technology. In an age where users "search more and find less", Books in Bytes ensures that researchers find what they are looking for quickly and centrally.

Publishing is your core business and you know it well. Distributing electronic versions of your books to libraries and instructor desktops is our core business.

  • More than 200 titles are targeted for completion in 2003, representing a broad range of subject areas that meets the needs of thousands of diverse library customers and instructors, including academic, public, corporate, K-12, and special libraries, both domestically and internationally. Our eSolutions allow users to access content based on their research needs.
  • Alliances with major publishers who enjoy monthly savings from the books that we produce for them.
  • Publishing, librarian and cataloging teams of experienced industry professionals dedicated to building, developing, and promoting the collections and titles provided by our publishers.
  • A business model that ensures the integrity of your brand, your content and your revenue base focused on achieving significant cost savings for you.
  • A collaborative process called WebDAV that recognizes that the Internet is longer a vehicle for accessing data in "quantity". It's about organizing and effectively distributing quality content using Internet technology to drive efficiencies in current workflow systems and ultimately impact your bottom line..
  • A comprehensive marketing inelligence program that is designed to promote books all year long with flexibility for featuring specific publishers and specific titles within certain marketing blitz programs.
  Products and Services: WebDAV, eSolution Generator, ISM's, SSM's, eBooks for all web-enabled devices
  Hosted ISM's: over 50 and growing
  Publishers On-Line: 5 and growing
  Instructors On-Line: 450 and growing
  Website: http://www.booksinbytes.com