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"Books in Bytes provides electronic publishing services and viable electronic distribution solutions for content creators and owners."


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Imagine delivering a 1,000-problem ISM to all your instructors with a push of a button or a phone call! Imagine 1,000 students simultaneously purchasing your most popular SSM in five minutes. Imagine that all the content we create for you is delivered to all your current subscribers in a secure manner with a time stamp on it so it actually "self-destructs" a year or a month from now. Imagine all the trees we will save by eliminating so much paper generated for a temporary use.

An ISM created with our customized eSolution Generator offers the instructor and publisher more features than any versions currently in print. Now an instructor can have access to any or all their solutions via their on-line ISM, whenever and wherever, in less then one minute. Instructors are able to modify their content on-line and our eSolution will facilitate an update to all the changes made by this instructor in less than 24 hours so that other instructors and students can benefit from these corrections almost instantaneously.

We create a unique eSolution for every book we produce. While professional print houses struggle to deliver your book in months, we can produce an eBook for you in days! While publishers spend months on end managing content, updating subscriber names, titles and account numbers, our eSolutions will manage all these tasks for you so you can concentrate on working on more profitable titles.

Our customized eSolution is designed with the following primary objectives in mind:

  • Save publishers time and money spent printing, binding, warehousing and distributing content so they can increase their profit margins!
  • Enable instructors to conduct all their research on-line in one tenth of the time they are accustomed to - help them achieve more!
  • Ensure that strict guidelines of the content publisher are maintained to ensure the preservation of valuable digital content
  • Offer turnkey solutions that drive maximum efficiency for users
  • Introduce and integrate Web database technology into clients' everyday operations to make their tasks more productive