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"Books in Bytes provides electronic publishing services and viable electronic distribution solutions for content creators and owners."

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Data Security

Data Transfer

US Operations

India Operations

Formats. We can work with virtually any text or pagination file format. We use MS Word, Framemaker, Quark XPress, TEX/LATEX, XML, SGML, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, ChemDraw and 3D modeling formats. We will gladly accept hand written content as well!

Platforms We Run On. We use Linux servers with Windows and Macintosh workstations. We ensure cross-platform compatibility in the work we deliver. Our WebDAV server runs in the background while users contantly and seamlessly access our customized eSolution Generator which has the abililty to process user requests from virtually any operating system, giving our customers the maximum flexibility in accessing valuable content.

Data Security. We recognize that lost or corrupt data can be expensive to replace. BooksinBytes.com personally guarantees the security of your content. We will offer you a full refund if your content is compromised in anyway as a result of our technology solutions. That's how confident we are that your content will be completely secure once it is delivered to instructors. A clear audit trail of all stages of production is maintained, data is backed up daily and a mirror backup of all work-in-progress is secured at a remote location. Completed work is archived for future use. We have the ability to produce a third edition of a book five years after the second edition, on the fly! Our eSolution Generator places a time stamp on every file it generates, then masks problem numbers so "ripping" of text in pieces becomes a very difficult jigsaw puzzle, and finally protects every document it generates with a password.

Data Transfer. We receive all our work directly from our customers electronically. Source files are scanned images of manuscripts delivered to our FTP server. Manuscripts are channeled to us through our web site using the customer log in section. Finished work is delivered in a digital format for access as an eBook and ready for printing or using the eSolution Generator.

US Operations:

  • Linux FTP server co-located at Speednet, Canada
  • Linux mail server co-located in Canada
  • Dedicated T1 line
  • Dedicated storage servers distributed across the country
  • Network of 50 Post Graduate students in Mathematics, Chemistry

India Operations:

  • Staff of 12 dedicated to Data Capture & Copyediting
  • Typesetting staff of 6 with skill sets in TeX, LaTeX, Quark and Framemaker
  • Editing Staff
  • Data Conversion Staff (SGML/XML, Distiller PS to PDF conversion)
  • Graphics Staff (Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3Dstudio)
  • Scanning workstations with fast scanners for copy and capture
  • Linux file server & FTP proxy
  • T-1 leased line
  • ISDN Net connections
  • Network of 200 Post Graduate students in the Sciences