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"Books in Bytes provides electronic publishing services and viable electronic distribution solutions for content creators and owners."

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We are at the forefront of the electronic publishing revolution with the latest technology aimed at ensuring ease of access. We are constantly challenging the frontiers of publishing to enrich your research experience. We recognize that researchers need information faster than paper can deliver it.

Advantages for Publishers

Successful Internet publishers find that their business involves giving online readers custom access to, and interaction with, information -- a new kind of database publishi ng that complements the traditional, copy-based model. Books in Bytes offers comprehensive Internet services for publishers seeking to exploit the online environment. We have developed an online business model that can save publishers more than half the costs involved in printing, binding and distributing content to their subscribers. And the best part is that we accomplish these cost saving objectives while ensuring the security of your most-prized asset - your content! Here's what our solutions deliver for you:

  • Low cost Content Management
  • Added value to books
  • On-line distribution of content
  • Electronic subscription management - no paperwork or phone calls
  • Branded with your presence
  • Secure distribution of content using highly sophisticated authentication
  • Content is locked for a fixed period of time - material "self destructs" over time
  • Content can be masked and recoded to ensure security of content
  • Universal access from any operating system, browser or web enabled device
  • Your staff can control their own online databases, remotely, quickly, easily
  • We use your policies to publish content
  • Gain access to valuable information about your subscribers

Advantages for Instructors

  • Quick on-line access to large volumes of information
  • Access all major resources in your field of study in one place
  • Securely distribute solution sets to your students in less than 3 minutes
  • Universal publishing of solutions minimizes student confusion
  • Free up your time to teach - let the computer handle administrative details