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With our exclusive WebDAV hosting solution, our typesetters can work together with artists, editors, and authors in a unique collaboration scheme designed to reduce costs and maximize the publishing cycle. Recognizing that content is created and nurtured in multiple locations separated by multiple time zones, operating systems, languages and workflow processes, WebDAV ensures that content is managed optimally to facilitate instant access of content.

Digital publishing has liberated the book from its traditional limitations. Electronic content is fast, cost effective, convenient, dynamic and interactive. Books in Bytes offers definitive electronic publishing solutions to content owners. 

WebDAV contributes to each phase of content creation and management, from creative concept to project management, programming, online marketing, and hosting. WebDAV is at the heart of our custom Internet solutions designed to meet the information, learning, and e-commerce needs of publishers.

We integrate Web database technology into clients' everyday operations, creating innovative and dynamic sites that respond to users, while putting the tools for site control and monitoring into clients' hands right from the desktop. As a pioneer in electronic publishing and education since 1999, Books in Bytes appreciates the need to build long-term business relationships that make the most of people and software.